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#Minimally invasive #Stereotactic Brain Biopsy

The patient came in a semiconscious stat and CT Brain revealed obstructive hydrocephalus. An emergency VP shunt was placed. She became conscious and comfortable. Further MRI evaluation revealed a tumor in an eloquent area of brain. Open biopsy of which may lead to severe permanent disability. After a meticulous planning by Dr. Kishor  Sarma, Dr. Dibyajyoti Bora, Dr. Hriday Nath & Dr. Mitul Das (Team members of Neurosurgery & Intensive Care) Stereotactic Brain Biopsy was taken with resultant Positive Diagnosis. There was no deficit or complication after the procedure.

The Patient was treated in a Hospital which is situated far away from a metro city.

This procedure was first of this kind in this area, indeed a technical achievement.

Technology that meets your needs at Swasti Hospital.

Stereotactic biopsy frame fitting in Operation Theater

(OT), CT with the frame, CT analysis and measurement of X,Y, Z coordinates, final burr hole and biopsy under monitored anesthesia care in OT.